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Medhane Amanuel


Along with being a founding member of Credo Capital, Medhane Amanuel currently serves as the Manager of Operations and Strategy at Advocate Aurora Health(AAH). Medhane is accountable for providing strategic direction and operations management for a multidisciplinary poly-chronic population health clinic focused on improving the health and wellness of complex patients. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from the University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration( MHSA) from the University of Michigan . In his free time, Medhane enjoys reading, watching sports, listening to music, and adding to his growing vinyl collection.

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Aaron Hopkins


In addition to his role at Credo Capital, Aaron Hopkins is currently an Administrator, Clinical Operations at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. In 2020 Aaron had accountability for a $12 Million capital development budget. Currently he has oversight of a $10 Million P&L, multi-specialty physician practices, as well as physician and staff management responsibilities. Additionally, Aaron is a healthcare industry scholar at Flare Capital Partners where he is participating in their venture capital and innovation development program.


Aaron holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Morehouse College, as well as a Master’s of Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan. In his free time Aaron is an avid reader and writer, enjoys playing sports, and volunteering with various social and non-profit organizations. 

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Rashad Madison


Aside from his position at Credo Capital, Rashad is a servant leader for multidisciplinary teams and has experience orchestrating digital projects. He specializes in project management, enabling close collaboration across workstreams for large enterprises. Rashad is passionate about helping minorities achieve financial success and become more knowledgeable about investing.


Rashad holds a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While Rashad does value his degree he is a firm believer that college does not provide the appropriate tools for financial freedom. In his free time Rashad enjoys studying the stock market, reading books on mindset and generational wealth, traveling, and spending time with family.


Vaughn Williams


Outside of helping others through Credo Capital, Vaughn Williams is currently a Regional Administrative Director at Sutter Health, where he manages a team of over 200 people and a budget of over $15 million. Vaughn enjoys investing in companies that he uses and growth companies with high upside, focusing primarily on stock options.


Vaughn holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of Michigan and is completing his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts. Outside of his career and investing, Vaughn enjoys traveling, exercising and helping others through board positions and volunteering with nonprofits.

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